Rules & Etiquette for the VTC & The Admiral Theater

#1. No open flames! This is a city fire ordinance law. You may have seen videos of people holding lighters in the air in days of Rocky past, but if you light one up in our theater, it will be confiscated - we don't want to be shut down, and we don't want to die in a fire. 'Nuff said. (Acceptable substitutions for open flames are cell phone lights, flashlights, glow sticks, and other flashy / blinky items that do not include FIRE.)

#2. Audience participation is key! We encourage you to buy or bring your own Trannie Packs with rice, toilet paper, toast, squirt guns, etc, to throw during the appropriate times during the movie. That having been said: All projectile items need to be thrown up and back - both to avoid harming the very expensive movie screen, and to avoid hitting the performers with your flying objects. NO SQUISHY FOOD ITEMS are permitted into the theater. This includes meat products (hot dogs,) tomatoes, etc. If it's gross and could be ground into the floor with disastrous results, (slipping, staining, otherwise annoying clean-up,) leave it at home.

#3. For obvious reasons, anyone found aiming their Trannie goods at cast members will be immediately ejected from the theater.

#4. Another fire ordinance - everyone must have a seat in the theater. Feel free to get up and dance, play, participate and have fun - at the appropriate times - and then find a seat to sit in. The only times that sitting in the aisle is permitted is on the rare occasion when the theater is sold past capacity. In this instance, all audience members in the aisles must be standing or seated against the wall and in front of the lighting tripods. Pull your legs in and do not obstruct the aisle - we're running at top speed in sharp, tall high heels and won't be able to stop without stepping on you or falling over you. We don't want anyone to get hurt. (And, technically, the law is in effect in case of an emergency in the building - for a safe and speedy evacuation.)

#5. Public intoxication is against the law. If you appear inebriated, you will be warned to calm down. If a further warning is necessary, you will be asked to leave the premises, especially if you are under the legal drinking age. All of our board members are legally adults, and "aiding in the delinquency of a minor" isn't something we need on our permanent records. :p

And the most important rule: Scream your vulgar little brains out, dance, dress up, laugh, play along with us and have a great time! These rules are in place for our safety as well as yours, so that everyone can enjoy themselves without incident.

* Other incidentals: The Admiral Theater has a strict NO RE-ENTRY policy. This means that if you step outside of the theater, you will need to pay another admittance fee to be let back in.

If the security or cast members from the Vicarious Theater Company or the staff of the Admiral Theater needs to ask a person more than once to stop behaving inappropriately, they will be asked to leave. Please help everyone have a good time by not behaving like a jackass, capisci?