Sweet T:

Black sequined corset
Black satin cape w/ silver lining
Oversize pearl necklace
Black sparkly half-finger elbow-length gloves
Black garter belt
Seamed fishnet stockings
Black satin undies
Black open-toed platform sandals with white heels
Rhinestone anklet
Small paper cup

Creation/Eddie scene:

Green surgeons' gown
Pink dishwashing gloves
Black pick

Post bedroom scene:

Black leather jacket with lots of buttons

Dinner scene:

Conical party hat
Black velvet and chiffon dinner corset w/ rhinestones
Black knee-high platform boots
White electric knife
Red plastic ketchup squeeze bottle


Silver rhinestone crown
Red satin floor show corset
Dark brown/black fur boa
Black chiffon scarf
Gold sequined gauntlet (right arm)
Seamed fishnet sleeve (left arm)
Black platform heels w/ red rhinestones