Name: Chip (Tweek)

Age: 30

Birthdate: 05/07/1980

Height: 6' 2"

Measurements: 6 inches . . . last time I measured

Has regularly attended RHPS since: October 10th 1998

Length of time actually on (a) cast: December 1998

Current character or role: Brad Majors (Universal Male Understudy)... Ok maybe not universal... I don't think I'll play Frank more than that one time, and I'm way too fat to play Rocky.

Other regular parts played: Riff Raff, Dr. Scott, MC (with various other casts)

Related or special skills: Computer Guy, Tech Guy, Geek, and professional N.E.R.D (Not Even Remotely Dorky) And I LOVE fucking with seagulls.

Actual theater experience: Are you trying to imply that Rocky isn't "actual" theatre experience?? I'll have you know that Rocky Horror has been in continuous play and has been performed weekly all over the world for FAR longer than anything that putz Shakespeare ever released on DVD.

Say something to the folks: I've always felt that Rocky Horror is a place where people can come on Saturday night and not be judged for who they are, what they wear, or their sexual orientation. Rocky Horror gives young adults something to do on Saturday night other than drugs, sex, and drinking to oblivion. Besides, we don't want the people that come to Rocky to reproduce.

Give us more:
So there I was in college at ITT Tech in Dayton Ohio. A friend of mine came up to me and asked "Do you like old movies" to which I answered "Why yes I do." They then asked "Do you like Mystery Science Theatre 3000?" To which I answered "Why yes I very much do." Then on that wonderful Saturday night we were watching TV and she said unto me "Mr. Chippie, would you like to go to a movie tonight?" To which I answered "Why yes I would." She failed to meantion ANYTHING else to me until I was sitting in the Neon Movie Theatre in Dayton Ohio watching many a peoples dancing in their undies making me laugh my ass off. It was at that moment that I realized that this was the start of something beautifully dangerously fun.

Quickly I became Lights Guy extraordinar and Call Back Master for "The Dayton Affair" Over the next several years I evolved from lights guy to cast member, to Master of Ceremonies. Eventually I moved here to the wonderful state of WA and one of the first things I did was find a local Rocky venue. I first found VTC in 2001 and after 3 shows I found that there was ANOTHER Rocky theatre in Tacoma. I also learnt that they were doing weekly shows and realized that, by the grace of O'Brien, my life with Rocky would never end.

After serving Cast Director and Producer at Tacoma Rocky for many moons, I decided to move on to cast here in Seattle. I plan to remain with Rocky for many many years to come. People sometimes tell me that I need a life outside of Rocky. The problem with this is all my friends I met through Rocky, meaning everything I have become over the years is thanks to all the wonderful cast and audience members who attend Rocky Horror. For that I thank and love you all, and will continue to give you all my very best in everything I do for you. *insert sappy happy music*