Wedding/proposal scene:

Dark brown tortoiseshell glasses
1-button black tux jacket
Red plaid cummerbund and bowtie
White dress shirt
White sleeveless undershirt
White men's inverted Y-front Jockey brieFS “tighty whities”
Black formal pants
Shiny black loafers
White socks
Ringbox w/ engagement ring

Car/rain scene:

Tan jacket
Dark blue V-neck sleeveless sweater-vest
Blue/white striped shirt
Black belt
brown loafers
Light gray pants
Handkerchief (to wipe windshield)

Creation scene:

Knee-length white lab coat

Bedroom scene:

Light blue satin kimono bathrobe


Sequined black front-lace corset
Fingerless over-the-elbow seamed fishnet sleeve (left arm)
Red sequined over-the-elbow gauntlet edged around the top with faded red/pink feather trim (right arm)
Black satin panties
Seamed fishnet stockings
Black satin garter belt with red straps (3 per side)
Black patent high heeled pumps
Fabric boa