Here are some general guidelines for doing lights:
  • We use 2 spotlights on tripods.
  • Pay attention to actors in the aisles lest you get run over.
  • Stand as close to the wall as possible to avoid being in the way.
  • Always try to point your light at the actor’s chest. This way their face will be lit, but you won’t blind them.
  • In general, try to light the action on the opposite side of the stage or in the opposite aisle.
  • If you are lighting an actor in your aisle, light their feet. Otherwise you will blind them.
  • Try to avoid jerking the light back and forth—it’s very distracting. The best way to handle a situation like this is for each lighting person to consistently light the opposite side of the stage.

Other expectations of lighting people include:

  • Help bring props out before the show.
  • Help put props away after the show.